Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jack's BIG landscape painting

Doing a large studio landscape from plein air studies takes a lot of work.  This summer Jack did several plein air, or on the spot, paintings at the swimming hole in Jeffersonville.  He does these outdoor studies over a number of days, rather than in one shot.  Then, he goes back and does several drawings of particular detail that he will need when he composes his larger painting in the studio.  The completed painting shown here is the plein air study, and on the easel is the start to the larger painting (4'x6') that he is painting from the study.  His drawings and paintings are on the skinny easel to the right of the big painting.


jeff said...

Wonderful work. The finished study is stunning. I also like how Jack massed in the large shapes in the local colors of the progression. What is interesting is most people, including myself would have done this as a monochromatic toned wash in or ebauche. I have learned a very important lesson. Thank you Jack.

And thank you Karen for posting these pictures.

Is there a way to get a better shot of the drawings and sketches?

jeff said...

Sorry I just noticed that he did do a toned wash...
Silly me.
Still the color masses and how the progression is laid in is good to see.

Elizabeth Torak said...

This whole sequence is great - fascinating to see the way he approaches a large painting - thanks for posting it!