Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Open" Figure/Portrait Painting Group

Here is my effort from Saturday's painting session.  I wiped out my first attempt at the whole figure and concentrated on her head instead.  


Mary Bullock said...

HI Karen:
What an absolutely stunning painting! A beautiful job.
I host a figure painting group on the third Thursday of each month - but not many people come (usually 2-5). Where do you find your models?

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Mary. Thanks! I met this young woman at my daughter's going away party, and I asked her if she would pose. It turns out that she was an art major, so it was perfect! Some of the other models are from various "Open" drawing groups that I have attended or friends. My kids' friends are another great source for interesting models.

I am glad to hear that you host a painting group, too. Isn't it fun to paint with other artists?

Mary Bullock said...

Oh yes! It is almost like you feed off of each others energy - it really seems to infuse your own work with new life - and the comraderie is wonderful. But I do like to paint all alone too - much more contemplative. When you are all alone, you can touch such deep cords within.
Now let's go paint!

TSL said...

I am so loving how mysteriously lovely this piece is, love the light, love the palette. Nice, very nice.

Karen Winslow said...

Thank you!