Friday, November 19, 2010

More Paintings from the Sylvan Gallery Holiday Show

Here are a few of the plein air paintings on exhibit at Sylvan Gallery in Clinton, CT. I thought you might enjoy seeing my plein air set-up with me painting one of the pictures. It was painted at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, VT. The top picture is a plein air painting that was done in Clinton, CT, and it is one of my largest plein air pieces. I normally paint fairly small when I paint outdoors.


Johan said...

Am I seeing this correct that -as a righthanded painter- you put your easel at your left side? This seems a quite awkward way to paint, having your right arm at the easel and having to look over it at your subject?
I could be mislead by the picture(s) though :)

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Johan. I never really thought about that. I actually do it both ways...looking over the right or over the left. Often, I place the easel so that it is out of the sun (when I am outdoors) or with the canvas towards the the light source (skylight in the studio), which means that if I am painting something that is back light in the studio, I have to really look back to see the subject...hmm talk about awkward.

In this photo, I was painting on the thin pier, and because I step back a lot when I paint...I angled it to allow traffic to go by, but leave enough room behind me so I would not step off the pier and into the water.

Johan said...

It's not that important I guess.
The painting is a beauty :)