Sunday, September 25, 2011

Month-long Workshop - outdoor landscape painting in oils

Karen Winslow demonstrating

Midday class by the Brewster River

Sunset class from Bryce Road in Cambridge

Morning class in Hyde Park

For the month of June, I taught an interesting workshop on outdoor landscape painting using the prismatic palette, outdoor landscape painting in watercolor/gouache, and indoor still life.  All work was from life, and the classes met 3-4 times a week.  Some of the landscape classes were held early morning, some midday, some at sunset and one for a moonrise.  The workshop was more a mentoring class, where I painted alongside my students, demonstrated, and gave one-on-one and group critiques.  It was informal, but intense, and students made great strides, working independently on days we did not meet together.

These photos are from some of the outdoor oil sessions.  The top photo and third photo shows my palette set-up, with the tonal scales for blues, grays, violets, pinks, greens, and earths.  When I finish a painting session, I mix together a lot of the colors left on the palette and place these new tones on the shelf that is second from the bottom.  These colors often act as a "soup" for other paintings.


Unknown said...

Hi Karen, I've never seen a pochade box like yours with the shelves of tonal colors. That is a great idea. How long will your paints last before drying up? TKS...Carolyn

Karen Winslow said...

Carolyn, my husband made the box, but you can use a plastic storage box (see student's boxes). You can keep this in the freezer, and as long as the paint is in little blobs (not flatten out), they will last a really long time! I usually take the palette out of the freezer right before I go out to paint. By the time I get to wherever it is that I want to set up, the paint is thawed and all set to go! :)