Monday, December 30, 2013

More Walnut Ink, Please

The beginning of November, I got to go down to NYC to see the Rembrandt, Vermeer & Hals Show at the Frick Collection, as well as, attend the Open Painting/Drawing classes on Friday and Saturday afternoon at the Art Students League.  I did not bring oils, but I decided to draw, instead, using walnut ink (which is a lovely brown ink) and white gouache.  The first 2 drawings above were completed in Studio 7 (Frank Mason's old room, now Tom Torak's) on Friday.  Teachers do not come in on Fridays, and you are allowed to set up and use the models.  Studio 7 has 2 models on either side of the room, and it was fun to draw them both within the time constraints.  I mostly use a brush for the ink washes  and  gouache, and I add fountain pen and pencil to help model form or add accents. 

 The last head study was the second drawing I did on Saturday afternoon, also in Studio 7.  The first study was in watercolor, and I decided that it was getting overworked, so I drew this one very quickly, before I had time to over-think it.  

I have come to rely on walnut ink.  It is my "go to" for drawing supplies.  It is great for massing in the shadow areas, and it can be diluted with water for a lighter tone, or used full strength.  I use it for figures and also in landscapes.  It is one of the mediums I use in my Drawing on Nature class, too.  Layering with walnut ink produces rich tones, too, and it can be used with a brush, reed pen, or dip pen.

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