Friday, April 18, 2014

Plein Air Festivals in Florida 2014

3/23/14 - DuBois Park in Jupiter, FL - Quick Draw Competition
3/23/14 - in progress at DuBois Park

3/23/14 - Framed piece at Lighthouse Art Center

3/23/14 - Awards Ceremony at Lighthouse Art Center 
For the 3rd year in a row, I've headed down to Florida in March and April  to teach a few plein air workshops.  While I was there this year, I decided to participate in a couple of plein air festivals.  Because I was too late to sign up for the 4-day festival, the only thing open to me was the "Quick Draw".  In a "Quick Draw", anyone can register and participate.  At check-in, the officials stamp the back of your panel, paper, or canvas to make sure that artists are not pre-painting or pre-drawing, and that all work is done within the time limit.   Because I paint fast anyhow, the Quick Draw was very appealing to me.  The location was predetermined, and all artists began at the same time.  

Originally, I was going to paint the lighthouse, but I chose to paint a couple, instead, who were reading under some palm trees.  The way the light played on the trees and the figures was delightful.  When the horn sounded, all artists had to stop painting, go to the art center, and frame their painting, which would later be judged.  After dropping off my painting, I headed back to the beach to play in the waves.  

An awards ceremony was held later that day, and to my great delight, I took First Place in the Quick Draw!! I didn't realize that most of the people would be dressed up, so I was still in my painting clothes.  It was a lovely surprise, and it was great fun!  To make it even more magical, the painting sold at the opening!!  Hooray!

Note to self:  If I get to do this again, I will be sure to bring along a dress...just in case :)


Judy P. said...

Many congrats, your painting looks great, and your painting clothes certainly look neat and stylish enough!

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Judy! I went straight to the celebration after swimming, so I had a bathing suit under the shorts...hahaha! The only one that looked as casual as me was the third place winner (the man on the left).