Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here I am in 1983. The baby is my son Daniel. You can see the still life set-up and the painting. We painted a lot of hexagons for a while, and this one is on linen. Another table for still life is set up on the model stand, which is on the east side of the studio in the photo. This picture, too, was taken with a flash, so you are not getting the real light, which was very dramatic.


Diana K Gibson said...

Hi Karen,

I just happened on your blog and I find it fantastic that you continued to paint with babies in tow. As a new mommy I have toted my son about on my back painting en plein air. To see your blog is a great inspiration. It proves that if you have a passion and set your mind to something, anything is achievable. Congrats on your work and thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. You are an inspiration.


Karen Winslow said...

Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it! Being a mom (or grandmom) and a painter takes guts...and a strong back. You can do it, though. I followed the link to your blog and website, and I left a couple of comments, too. Keep up the good work!!

All the best,