Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK. One more old photo. Here is Jack painting outdoors in 1975. This was during the Art Students League days, before moving to Vermont. We used to take Frank Mason's Landscaping Painting class every June in Vermont. It always struck me that an entire group of artists would put their jobs on hold, go to Vermont, and take this month long plein air workshop. It was intense, and we worked really hard. The classes met 3 times a week: one was a sunrise class, one was a sunset class and the other one was a class where you brought in work that you did on your own for the critique. We would spend the entire month camping out, on the land where we now live, and doing landscapes. It was a lot of fun. Frank, who is now 86 years old, is still teaching this workshop every June, as well as still teaching at the Art Students League. He imparted a love of painting from life that has left an indelible mark.


Elizabeth Torak said...

Hi Karen! Your studio looks beautiful and it is really fun to see the pictures of you and Jack in the old days. Tom is always rhapsodic about Jack used to look like a Frans Hals so it is nice to see the evidence.

To answer your question about our new studio we have a gas heater that looks like a woodstove. So far it is great; only time will tell if it stays warm enough.

New easel???? It looks fabulous - details?

Paint a good one, Lizzie-San

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Lizzie-San. Yes, it is fun to watch how quickly we change..I don't have any pictures of me from back then :( (the 70s).

We have the gas stove (that looks like a woodburning stove), which we had at the storefront, upstairs in our house. It is now replacing where our old woodstove stood. Your gas stove looks much bigger. They certainly are much easier to use than wood, and they do heat pretty well with good insulation. The insulation at the store was pretty minimal, so the stove heats much better in our house.

Jack surprised me with the new easel in June. It was all set up in the studio when we got back from our Monhegan painting trip! Good surprise! I had no idea.

Hey, it sounds like Painter Dog studied with Frank Mason, too. When was he at the League?

As usual...paint a good one! Karen-San

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jack and Karen,
Who would think that I would go on your blog and have a trip down "memory lane"! If you need some more photos we have some from our European trip. Looking forward to a great learning experience with you. See you soon.......