Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Day Workshop June 2009 - Winslow Art Studio

Our 5 Day workshop began with Jack doing a landscape painting demonstration. In these 2 photos, you can see the start, which was on a prepared, toned paper taped to a board. You can also see his landscape palette, with value/tonal scales organized onto a vertical shelves. The idea of the demo was not to do a finished painting, but to show students how to analyze the scene in terms of planes, values and aerial perspective. We teach students to simplify by working in mass (or value shapes), and to go from the general to the specific. In outdoor landscape painting, things are changing constantly: the light, the wind, the weather, etc. will effect what you are looking at. We have much less control in landscape painting than we do in indoor work (still life, portrait, etc.), but if we can understand underlying universal artistic principles, we can sort through the data choose essential information to create a unified, believable light effect.


Tony Perrotta said...

Hi Karen, LOVE the new pics of the workshop here. That new studio, you must just love it !!

See you this season I hope, Tony

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Tony! Yes, I hope that you can get up this way to paint this year, too! Vermont is beautiful! :)