Saturday, January 02, 2010

Exploring Limited Palettes

In 2009, I began exploring various limited palettes in my figure/portrait painting sessions. The one that was most intriguing was the alleged "Zorn" palette, which consisted of these 4 colors: white, black, yellow ochre and vermillion (or cadmium red light).

Every Saturday, I hosted an "Open" figure/portrait session at my studio from 1pm-4pm, and the model would take a repeated pose. Here we are towards the end of the session, and I am holding Phineus, my grandson.


Mary Bullock said...

Talk about mulit-tasking! Painting and holding a grandbaby at the same time - LOL!

Linda Tracey Brandon said...

Hi Karen, love how you're holding a baby and painting, wow! Great blog too. Happy New Year!

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Mary & Linda,

Thank you! This is something of a continuation of how I painted when my kids were little. The model here is my daughter, Priscilla, and the baby is her son, Phin. I guess it's what I do...

I have been remiss in keeping up my blog, so I posted a ton of stuff in December about what I was up to this past year. So, if you keep going down the blog, you will see photos from the 5 Day workshop that I taught with my husband, one of our 2 person shows, a small tribute to my teacher, my Thursday night class and more "Open" figure/portrait.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a very Happy New Year!! :D