Sunday, October 03, 2010

A little more work on the still life

I babysat for 2 of my grandchildren today, so once again, my studio time was very short. The weather is turning colder, and the grape leaves on the vine by my garage are starting to fade with each frost. We haven't had a real hard frost yet, but that can happen any day. I decided that I had better try to paint some of those leaves, before there were none to be painted. My original set up had just the right ones, but they had wilted before I had a chance to paint them in. These new ones weren't the same, but they would do. I mix up more green and quickly painted them. I also picked a few more leaves from my apple tree, because the ones in this set up had curled and drooped. I began to develop my grapes a little more, too.

Painting from life, with real fruits (vegetables, flowers, etc.) that are not quite "still" means that your painting takes on a more organic air, with changes and developments that force you to go with the flow. Being willing to adapt and flexible enough to make the changes is fun. Keeping everything unified is the goal. Hopefully, I will get to work on this tomorrow.


Judy P. said...

Grandkids- best reason in the world for not painting!

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Judy! Grandkids are the best (and kids are pretty good, too :D )