Saturday, October 02, 2010

Old Storefront/studio - classes

When I had the storefront/studio (2001-2007), I offered some weekly classes, as well as an occasional workshop. I had a head studies weekly class with a model, and the last picture here shows one of my demos. This man just happened to walk in my store one day, and I asked him if he would pose for a class.

The top photo shows they way I normally looked at the store...with a smock. Basically, I painted in my little back room (see older posts), but when someone came in the store, I came out to show them around and invited them to see what I was working on. It was fun.

The second photo was from one of my 5 day workshops. The workshops usually included still life, outdoor landscape painting, and sometimes included one day with a model.

In case you haven't noticed, I am rather small, and I often use a step-stool when I teach. This will put me at the same height level (or eye level) as my student.

The young student took several classes as part of his high school requirements.

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