Saturday, June 16, 2007

Painting Trip ~ Monhegan

I recently took a painting trip to Monhegan in Maine. It is a little island about 12 miles out to sea from Port Clyde. Monhegan has been attracking artists since the early 1900s, and the lure is still strong today. High cliffs with pounding surf form the east side of the island, while cute fish shanties, quaint houses and a snug harbor line the west side. An enchanted forest lies in between, and hiking trails run east and west, as well as around the island. Artists abound, and it is fun to meet new friends. No cars are allowed on the island. I went with 2 painting buddies, Ann and Lizzie, who also studied at the Art Students League with Frank Mason. We hiked and painted like maniacs from Tuesday to Saturday, and I managed to do 13 oils, 2 watercolors and a couple of drawings in those 5 days. Like I first said...I paint a lot... This was the last oil I did on Saturday. Lizzie has a really good blog (actually 2), and you can see the paintings she did on her blog: This painting has a little figure in it. The figure is Lizzie painting and looking out towards the harbor with a guy rowing (you can see it on her site).

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