Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cape Porpoise, ME

In September, I spent a week in Cape Porpoise, ME with 8 women (Wah Wah Sisters).  It was a painting vacation for most of us, with 6 painters and 2 bicyclists.  The weather was perfect allowing for plein air studies each day, as well as exploration of the little townand surrounding areas, dock, lobster shacks and galleries.  I brought both oils and watercolor/gouache for fast studies, and hopefully, I will work up some of the studies into larger studio pieces.  For most of the women, it was their third trip together, but it was my first.  

The smaller, graduated,  landscape palette was used for this trip, so that I could use my M Box easel and tripod, which took up little room.  Painting seascapes takes definite decisive action, because not only is the light changing, the water level changes too, producing very different effects the longer you paint.  Deciding what and where my light effect would be was very important.  Painting boats, that turn and move with the waves and wind, adds another dimension of difficulty to seascapes, but I plan to try it again next year!  Painting with a group is encouraging and inspiring!

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