Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Paintings from Monhegan

OK. So, here is another midday painting. It is up by the lighthouse. Lizzie and Ann were painting along the path in "town", and I decided to look around. I kept looking further and further down the path, and nothing really called to me. Then, I took a skinny trail, which wound up going all the way around the marsh, and somehow, I ended up at the lighthouse. So, I painted...I did enough hiking. From my perch on the hill, I could see the path where my buddies were painting, but a building blocked my actually seeing them. I kept checking to see if they were heading back to the Trailing Yew, but EVERYONE walking seemed to have backpacks, easels and wide brimmed sunhats. I painted until the light was way too different, then, I headed down. Lizzie & Ann were just cleaning up, and we all headed back to get ready for the next painting. This one got pretty messy, but I'll try to fix that roofline soon.

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