Thursday, June 10, 2010

Landscape workshop June 2010

With 2 painting session per day, the student's paintings improved. By Friday, they were really beginning to understand atmospheric perspective, and they were starting to "pitch" and simplify by "massing" their big value shapes.

One of the rainy days, we painted under the shelter of a big gazebo, and on the other days, we painted at various locations around Cambridge and Jeffersonville. With a small class, Jack and I got to paint, too. We went around and helped each student individually, but we also had students follow us around to observe the other crits. Watching us re-mass, explaining, as well as showing, "why" and "how" certain colors work to bring a sense of atmosphere and depth to a painting, really acelerated learning.

Landscape workshop June 2010

Here are a few more pictures from the workshop. I will add more later.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

5 Day Plein Air Workshop - June 2010

We started this year's class along the recreation path in Jeffersonville. Jack did a small demo in the morning to explain massing and to encourage students to do small thumbnail sketches.

Open Studio Weekend - May 29-30, 2010

Winslow Art Studio participated in the 18th annual Vermont statewide Open Studios Weekend that was held May 29-30. For 2 days all participating studios are open to the public. People make a day of it and wander from one studio to another, enjoying the art. I decided to do some painting demonstrations, so on Saturday I painted a portrait and on Sunday I painted a still life. A small, but steady stream of people came in and watched on both days.

In addition to the demonstrations, I had prizes. Maryellen won my painting, "Fresh Veggies", and 4 other people won a free class. My granddaughter helped pick the winning names.

We had little snacks and pastries, as well as plenty of pretzels for all. The pretzels were a huge hit, especially with the grandkids!