Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alla Prima Study

Recently,  I have been painting with 5 other artists in Stowe, VT.  We meet at Dee Macy,s studio which is large enough to accomodate all of the easels, painting supplies and a model.  The model takes a pose, which is repeated for 3 hours.  In that time, we all paint like crazy.  This is the result of one of those sessions.  It is an alla prima oil of my daughter's Mother-in-Law, Nancy.  This is one way to solve the expense of  hiring a model.  All of the artists pitch in to pay the modeling fee.  This would have been one that I would have loved to work on just a little longer.  Perhaps, we can get the model to pose again, but it was a fun study, at any rate. 


Diana K Gibson said...

Karen! I know Dee Macy too! Such a small world!

Karen Winslow said...

Hey Diana...Yes, Dee studied at the RAI, too. She is great, and it is so kind of her to share her studio space. We all meet once a week. Hopefully, we will be able to extend the time to 4 hours, which would make me really happy. I love painting alla prima! :)) I would have loved painting the Revolutionary War costume that you did at RAI. You will just have to come up to the Stowe group!

Diana K Gibson said...

Hi Karen,

Alla prima painting rocks! :) I love this picture you did! The light effect is lovely! Please post more of your work. Cheers!