Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Open" Figure/Portrait Painting Group

The new studio is taking on a life of its own.  I began hosting an "Open" figure/portrait painting group that meets each Saturday from 1pm-4pm.  The group fluctuates, depending on people's schedules, between 5-10 artists.  The model takes a repeated pose for 3 hours, and the artists work in whatever medium they wish.  Some draw in charcoal, pastel or pen.  Some paint in acrylics or oils.  It is a wonderful way to share the cost of hiring a model, and it is a great way for artists to connect, encourage one another and share ideas.   


Candy Barr said...

Oops, sorry to have missed this over summer. Hopefully can catch you next year?

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Candy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, please join us whenever you can.