Monday, December 28, 2009

Frank Mason

Frank Mason taught oil painting at the Art Students League of New York from 1951 to 2009. My husband and I were very lucky to have studied with him from 1973-1978. He had a tremendous influence on the way we paint, as well as the way we teach. He taught us to appreciated beauty and to strive to create paintings that excelled in craftsmanship and draftsmanship.

While our 2 - person exhibition was on display in the Entrance Gallery of Southern Vermont Art Center, Frank Mason's solo retrospective exhibit was on display in Gallery I, which was connected to the Entrance. It was an honor to be showing at the same time, and it was wonderful to go from our show to his and see many of his paintings that I knew and loved, as well as ones that were new to me. Our shows opened on June 13, and Frank was in the hospital. He passed away on June 16. He was a great painter and a great teacher who will live on in the many students whose hearts he has touched and whose brushes he has inspired.

I hear him when I paint...."Where's the light effect?"

I am going to post several of his paintings for you to enjoy.

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