Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Landscapes

Canyon Bridge 

Old Barn on Metcalf Road

Tree Line


It was -17 degrees at 8am this morning in Vermont, and the temperature climbed to around 7 degrees for a high.  That's cold....really cold!  When it comes to outdoor winter landscape painting, I admit that I am a whimp.  When I painted with Renee and Suzanne, it was not nearly as cold, and my hands could only take so much.   So, how do I normally paint winter landscapes?

My normal solution is look out of a window, either from the comfort of my car or a house.  The above paintings, all watercolor/gouache, were painted by looking out of a window.   

Jamie painting a winter landscape 

Jamie and I painting from her window.  I am painting Tree Line.
Since I opened my Etsy Store for etchings, called RealPrints, I have been seriously thinking of opening another store to sell small watercolor/gouache studies.  Some would be unmatted and unframed, and some would be framed.  Let me know what you think.


Laura said...

I absolutely think you should do the gouache store... super idea..I love these winter sketches.. jut beautiful...

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Dee!! Right now, unless I frame them, most of these little sketches are stored in portfolios, and no one gets to enjoy them. Sometimes I use these little sketches as inspirations for larger oil paintings.

Heather L. said...

I love your winter landscapes! I am so drawn to winter skies and tree lines that it is almost the only thing that gives me an URGE to learn to paint. :) Mom introduced pastels in art class this week though and they were pretty fun -- also fun for skylines in winter. Now I just need to practice.