Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another Plein Air Event in FL

3/29/14 - first plein air sketch of the day - Jupiter, FL

3/29/14 - the start

3/29/14 - 2nd plein air sketch of the day

3/29/14 - plein air sketches displayed outside of gallery for judging
3/29/14 - 3rd study of the day

One week after winning the Quick Draw competition for the Lighthouse Art Center, I enter another plein air event.  This one was hosted by A Unique Art Gallery, which was also in Jupiter, FL.  This was just a one-day event, and they did not have a Quick Draw category, so I just painted.   It threatened to rain all day, but I managed to do 3 studies before I had to return the work to the gallery for judging.  The paintings were displayed on the easels, which were lined up outside of the gallery.  Then, we all piled into the gallery for the awards ceremony and celebration, as the skies opened up with a massive thunderstorm.   I won an Honorable Mention!  :)


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