Saturday, February 01, 2014

2014 - Workshops in Florida

Sunset painting in Bonita Springs using the prismatic palette

Plein Air study - afternoon

Plein Air painting at the beach 

Plein Air study 

Plein Air study - Bonita Springs

Plein Air study in watercolor/gouache

Plein Air study in watercolor/gouache

Karen painting at the beach
This year, I will be teaching 2 workshops in Florida.  One will be for the Art Center of Bonita Springs, March 17-19, The other will be hosted by Florida artist, Deborah Elmquist, at her studio and surrounding landscape in Port Orange, April 4-7

  Both workshops are combination Still Life and Plein Air Painting.  In the landscape portion, I will be teaching students to mix and use a premixed landscape palette (often referred to as the prismatic palette).  This palette allows artist to interpret and paint atmospheric perspective, quickly, which is very helpful in the fast-changing weather and light effects of outdoor studies. 

 The Bonita Springs class is scheduled for one full day indoor still life (from life) and two full days outdoor landscape painting .  The Port Orange class has the option to take either Still Life (afternoon) or Landscape (morning) separately, or the student can take both for the full day.  

In all the classes, I will be demonstrating each day, as well as helping students individually at their easels, or as a group.  All of my demonstrations are interactive, so that students will understand "why" certain colors and values work, and I show them "how" to simplify by massing into value shapes.  For both classes, students need to bring an outdoor easel.   The classes are intended for oils, but the principles can be applied in any medium.  So, watercolor, gouache, and pastel are an option. 

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