Thursday, February 06, 2014

Plein Air Events

Painting in progress 7/20/13 - Jericho, VT Plein Air Event

Here is the finished piece - 8"x12" oil on linen by Karen Winslow

7/20/13 - my second painting of the day at the Barber Farm in Jericho, VT

7/20/13 - my third plein air study  of the day - watercolor/gouache 

8/16/13 - Waitsfield event - first painting of the day

8/16/13 - working on a watercolor/gouache - Waitsfield, VT

8/16/13 - second painting of the day - watercolor/gouache

8/16/13 - third painting - watercolor/gouache

8/16/13 - fourth painting - watercolor/gouache 

8/17/13 - painting the round barn in Waitsfield, VT

8/17/13 - plein air study of the round barn by Karen Winslow

8/17/13 - second painting of the day in progress - covered bridge in Waitsfield
The popularity of plein air painting has soared over the last 15 years, or so, with groups and big events happening throughout the world.  Plein air events, or "Paint Outs", are held annually, and huge plein air conferences draw artists from all over.  Because of costs, I don't normally participate in these big events, but I did join in on a couple local events just for fun.

The first was the 3rd annual one-day Jericho Plein Air event. It was held July 20, 2014.  The day started gray, but I managed to produce 2 oils and a little watercolor/gouache, between the sprinkles.  This small event had around 80 participants, who were given maps to various painting spots.  Artists checked in at 8am, and then dispersed.  At 3:30 or 4pm, you had to bring in your work and frame it for display.  Even though I produced 3 paintings, only one could be displayed.   Painting in an event is entertaining, and it makes you focus and excuses!  I like that. 

My second event was in Waitsfield, VT, which is about an hour's drive from my home.  This was a 2-day event.  After check-in, artists were free to paint anywhere in Waitsfield, but the Mad River was right by the check-in, and it was simply lovely.  Most of the artists set up their easels up and down the rocky shoreline along the river.  The first day, I produced a small oil and 3 watercolor/gouache paintings. The following day, I painted an oil of the historic round barn in Waitsfield in the morning, then, I went back to the river and painted another oil  looking towards the covered bridge.  Around 2:30pm, organizers came by to prompt artists to start matting or framing their work, because  the event ended a 5pm.  Holbein was one of the sponsors, so the neat thing about this event was getting some free tubes of Holbein paint! 

I am going to offer some of these studies on Daily Paintworks.  All of them are unframed.

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