Saturday, February 15, 2014

Plein Air Event Continued..

Karen Winslow painting in Stowe - 11"x14" plein air study
Continuing the previous post...  In late September, 2013, I was in a local plein air event in Stowe, VT, where I painted a couple of oils and 3 watercolor/gouache studies.  Since I painted mostly along the beautiful Stowe Recreational Path, many people stopped by to chat and see what I was doing.  I asked one of these people to take a picture of me.  In this shot, you can see my plein air oil painting set up.  I am using an Open Box M easel on a tripod with a little vertical palette box, that my husband made,  for my premixed value scales.  There is a bungee cord that goes around the back of the easel and to triangular pieces of wood to keep the box from slipping, which secures the palette box in place.   The little basket for my brushes is clipped to the tripod.  I keep the easel opened all the way so that the mixing area is vertical, as well.

When I have my ipod with me, I often take shots of the painting in progress.  I thought you might enjoy the sequence.  Because I paint very quickly, I do not "draw" the scene on the canvas, but rather place a few lines for placement, then start massing in right away.  Here's my process...

Here's the start...a very simple "idea" or placement

Massing in my basic darks and lights

A photo of the scene

Putting in a little more detail and color

Tightening up on some of the details, while trying to hold on to the light effect
Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the demo :)

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