Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Girls with Curls

Sporadically, someone will ask if I ever make videos, so I thought I would  try out a little test.  Since I painted a couple self-portraits with curls and bows, I got out my ipod and filmed looking into the mirror, then showing you my painting in progress.  My thought was that I would take a couple of videos, and you could see the whole process.  However, I was getting frustrated with my first attempt, and wiped out the painting.  But, here's a 25 second video.  

The point is...never take yourself too seriously, and never be afraid to wipe out a painting.  Painting is a life-long journey of discovery.  Learn from mistakes, and keep the old adage, "When at first you don't succeed....try, try again", in mind.  In my experience, add a few more "tries" to that quote.  Happy Painting!

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