Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here is the start...

For watercolors, I sit on the ground and hold a small drawing board in my lap.    My starts are usually somewhat monochromatic.

Then, I add color.

This spider decided that he wanted my brush...  I sure jumped!

Adding more color and detail

Here's what it looked like when I stood up..
Painting outdoors is fun, but it has its hazards.  I am used to the usual...rain, wind, technical issues, etc., but I wasn't expecting this one.   While I was sitting on the ground to paint, I spider decided to join me. He reaalllly liked my paper towel and brush!  When he finally darted off, I found myself constantly checking around me for any other critters.  With my concentration interrupted, I packed up  and headed to the hospital to see my new grandson.

There are many poisonous spiders, and I am not a big spider fan.  At first, I thought this might be a wolf spider or some sort of funnel spider, but after looking up photos of various spiders, I think it is a grass spider which is relatively harmless, but could certainly bite none the less.   Yikes! 

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