Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Painting with kids

When your children have outgrown the backpack and playpen, you can have them paint with you in the studio. Jack made Violet a pint-sized version of our studio easels (that he also made). She is very proud of her easel and even sometimes lets Emma use it.

In the top photo, Emma is using the easel. She is 2 years old in this photo. Her studio attire includes big rubber boots with ducks! I was working on a floral still life while Emma painted. You can see my set-up and easel, and if you look down a few photos, you can see me working on this painting.

Violet is painting in the middle photo, and she is standing next to the little easel in the last photo. I included this bottom picture because you can see Jack's big landscape, "Vermont Summer" on the wall. This painting was on the cover of American Artist magazine in February 1991, which included a nice article about both of us. :)

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