Sunday, September 25, 2011

Demonstration for Essex Art League

Here is a picture of my palette before I started the demo.  I premixed some grays and greens to facilitate speed.

The members of the Essex Art League, seated and waiting for the demonstration to start

I began by pitching the background.  Note the clock.
Indicating the rhythms and placement
Explaining a little bit about my scale

Beginning the lights

The big red tulip...

Maintaining my rhythms and simplifying into planes of light 
The Essex Art League of Vermont asked me to do a demonstration for their group in June.  They arrived around 10am and had to leave by noon.  After introductions, tour of my studio and explanations on light, I began painting.  The flowers were picked from my garden and set up beforehand, and my palette was prepared with premixed tonal scales of gray and green, as well as my regular cadmiums, blues and browns.

I love demonstrating and teaching.  My demonstrations are interactive, and I always ask questions to get the viewers to see what I that they can understand color/value relationships, as well as spatial relationships and rhythm.  I try not to be product oriented, but process oriented.  In this way, they can go away with ideas and priciples that they can apply to their own work.


Judy P. said...

Wish I was there- interesting demo!

Karen Winslow said...

Thanks, Judy!