Wednesday, July 30, 2008

..and back at the studio...

...Meanwhile, back at the studio... I love summer, and this set-up says summer to me!  This was painted in one day.  It is an oil on panel that is 12"x24".  When you have fresh fruit, you have to paint quickly or else fruitflies have a field day.  My first session on a painting is generally my longest, and consequently, most important, so I paint as long as I can before the light fades (natural north light).  This is where I get my forms, colors, masses, and rhythms set.  Anthony VanDyke (17th century, Flemish Old Master) is credited with saying:

Endeavor as far as possible to complete your picture alla prima, because there is always plenty left to do afterwards.

To me, this is very true and logical.  It also keeps your work fresh and the fruitflies at bay. :)


Heather L. said...

I love the colors! It's all so beautiful. My kitchen is that green in the background with accents of pink and that watermelony color. That's why I like it. :)

jeff said...

Nice work, could be worse you could be painting trout!

I love the Van Dyke quote it's so true.

I was painting a small still of grapes and the first day was all about massing and getting the effect.

I am on the third day and the grapes have sagged and now they are just useful for reference.

jeff said...

I meant still life, sorry about the typo.

Ann Scanlan said...

The painting is very exciting! When
are you going to post photos of your
new studio? Congratulations!