Monday, July 28, 2008

Painting with friends

Painting with other artists is always fun.  Recently, Jack & I had the pleasure of painting with Jeffrey Freedner, who also studied with Frank Mason.  We set up overlooking Boyden Winery in Cambridge.  The farm field has a lovely dirt road that snakes its way down to the Lamoille River.  Jeff really caught the movement and a nice sense of depth.  He also has a blog:  

He has a great hat that keeps his neck from too much sun, and it offers good protection against those sneaky mosquitoes!  


jeff said...

Hey Karen,
Thanks for posting the pics.
I need to lose weight!

I notice that your getting spammed.

I can't see how the CEO of Microsoft would be looking art blogs...

Tony Perrotta said...

Ah, another string theorist I see. Jeff I have seen you work, cool stuff. Karen, keep up the good work. get out there and paint.

Tony P