Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Champlain

Yesterday was a perfect summer day.  So, we headed in to Burlington to paint along the shores of Lake Champlain, New England's West Coast.  Looking across the lake, you can see the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  Jack set up in the shade (very smart) and chose a long view.  The clouds were magnificent and changed continually, so it would have been a good day to just paint clouds, too.  You can see the start of his painting with his toned panel, not yet covered by paint,  at the bottom.  We always paint on a toned canvas. 

I chose to paint the shore, where the light, that was filtering down and hitting the rocks, caught my attention.  When I forget my mahl stick, I use my left arm as a mahl stick.   This helps to steady, or brace,  my right arm so that I can make more precise brushstrokes.  


Tony Perrotta said...

hey Karen, Glad to see you got out to paint. Wow look at those strings ^_^


Karen Winslow said...

Hi Tony,

Scroll down to my Landscape Palette post, July 3. You can see my "other" palette, which is a condensed version, that works really well!


Tony Perrotta said...

yes indeed, I just made one like your husband is using in the same blog, 4 shelver. Have to take it for a test flight tomorrow I hope.


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Karen, I am new to your blog.

Great paintings. This palette really caught my eye. Never seen one of those and it looks like all of you have one.
Are they home made?
It looks like those are a bunch of pre mixed colors on there.
I am interested in hearing more about that. I'll need to scroll around and see if you talk about it anywhere else on here.