Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a Few Still Life Paintings

Here are a few still life paintings from this year.  I think that it is helpful to see my set-ups.  Sometimes I just use the wall as my background, but I do use backdrops with different colors, as well.  The eggplant  and the top floral were demos in some of my weekly classes.


Judy P. said...

Great to see these, and your set-up too. How far away typically is it between your subject and your easel? My painting room is so small I have my still life right to the left of my easel; they're on the same table. I wonder if that's not good, being so close.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Karen Winslow said...

Hi Judy. Happy New Year! My set-ups are placed any where from 2'-10' away from my easel. I paint at a distance because if I am close-up, I tend to see "too much" and "too detailed". I am always trying to see simplified masses of values, working for the "big light effect". But, that is simply my preferrence.

I have worked in tight spaces where I am forced to be very close to my subject and can't stand back to check my work. In that situation, I will use a reducing glass to look at the subject, which gives me the effect of being further away from it.

Many other artists today do work with the subject and easel right next to each other, but if that is the case, you must have a viewing point to see both the canvas and the set-up from a distance to compare.

Judy P. said...

Point well taken; I do have a mirror about 3 feet behind me, that I will use more. I do find my values are off when I check it, so will make it a habit to consult.