Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More from the Open Studio December 10t

South wall - unframed paintings on the tables

6"x8" paintings, framed and unframed paintings and a detail from Jack's screen

North wall with skylights

6"x8" head study with model

6"x8" head study of Carl
My Open Studio Sale was held December 3rd and December 10th.  I re-hung the studio for December 10th, and changed the portable walls in the middle of the studio for better light.  In the picture with the north wall, you can see my card rack with note cards from some of our paintings, too.

I painted another head study.  When I re-hung the studio, I put all of my 8"x10" paintings together on the green wall, but for painting a head study I like a plain background.  So, I removed a few paintings in order for Carl to have the same background as Diane.  Both of these tiny paintings were done alla prima, or in one sitting.  

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