Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Open Studio - Holiday Sale - December 3rd & December 10th

8"x10" oils by Karen Winslow

Some paintings along the east wall.  Jack Winslow painted the landscapes and the Trompe L'oeil.

Jack Winslow's double-sided screen.

Some paintings on the portable wall.  The ones with the mats are oil on paper.

6"x8" head study - this one was a sample and it was a demo that I painted at Lyme Art Association in one of my workshops.

Deciding on a purchase.  The top painting sold.

More paintings along the east wall.  
I have been remiss again in keeping up with my posting.  So basically, I will try to catch up by posting a bunch of photos to show you what I have been up to.  Starting with the latest event...I decided to do an Open Studio sale over 2 Saturdays in December.  The sale would include painting little portraits for anyone who had the time to sit for me. 

 Paintings, both framed and unframed, were all around the room.  The unframed ones were on tables, and framed ones were on the outer walls, as well as portable walls in the middle of the room.  Having paintings unframed saves me a lot of trouble and money, and it gives clients the option to purchase whatever frame might suit their own tastes.  Etchings were included in the unframed collections.  For people just beginning to buy and collect art, original etchings are affordable alternatives to buying original oils.  Unlike the "giclee" reproduction, an etching is a real piece of art.  Each print is individually inked, wiped and hand-pulled by the artist; and each print varies depending on the wipe, the pressure, the dampness of the paper, etc., making every print a unique piece, not a mass-produced reproduction. 

In the top photo, I hung all of my 8"x10" oils together on the moveable west wall.  All of these were painted from life, and 5 of them were demos in some of my workshops.


Judy P. said...

What a mass of beautiful paintings; if I were closer I would be a student at your doorstep.

Karen Winslow said...

Thank you, Judy! That is so sweet! I wish you lived closer too! :)